Gluten Free Jammy Dodgers

Quinoa Jammy Dodger Stars – Gluten Free

Gluten Free Jammy Dodgers

Zoey woke up this morning and said to me “Mummy, make something yummy” followed by “twinkle twinkle shape, please”.  It was the please at the end that got be and the fact that we hadn’t been into the kitchen to ‘play with food’ for a little while.  Zoey has recently entered a star shape obsession she calls them twinkle twinkles and just about everything is covered in them or shaped into them. It’s proving rather entertaining, hence our start shaped jammy dodgers.

I work very hard to keep our gluten intake to an absoult minimum and so Quinoa Stars where born. In place of plain flour I have used Quinoa Flour which works suprisingly well. If your a traditionalist you can replace the Quinoa flour with regular plain flour however if you have any kind of Autoimmune condition I strongly recomend that you leave the recipie as it is!

These are great to make with kids, Zoey just loved it and merriely mixed the ingredents together before having a good stab at shaping them. The recipie uses maple syrup rather than sugar which is to keep your blood sugar levels as stable as possible as maple syrup has less of an effect on your blood sugars than refined sugar.

Have a go at making them and let me know how you get on.

Gluten Free Jammy Dodgers

Gluten Free Jammy Dodgers

These simple easy to make gluten free jammy dogers are a perfect sweet treat for all those who can't tolerate gluten.
Prep Time 30 mins
Cook Time 15 mins
Course Snack
Servings 16 Biscuits


  • Stick blender


For The Star Biscuits

  • 200 grams Quinoa Flour
  • 1 Orgainc Egg
  • 3 tbsp Mayple Syrup
  • 100 grams Organic Butter or Coconut Oil Softened / room temperature
  • 1 tsp Vanilla Essence

For the Jam

  • 100 grams Frozen Raspberries
  • 100 grams Frozen Blueberries
  • 1/3 sachet Geltenine (optional)


For the biscuits

  • Pre-heat a fan oven to 180˚C
  • In a large bowel combine the butter and maple syrup together with wooden spoon. Mix until creamy and smooth
  • Add the vanilla essence and the egg and continue to combine together before adding the quinoa flour. You may find that you need to use your hands to combine into a dough.
  • Place the dough between two sheets of grease proof paper and roll the dough until it is 5mm thick. Place it in the fridge for 5 mins to rest.
  • Before to use your star shaped cutters to cut the dough you need to pull the two sheets away from the dough, place the dough back on to one of the sheets. Take your cookie cutters and start to cut the dough. Using a smaller star to cut the star shaped windows for the top layer. Place them on baking trays and put them into the often for 15 mins or until they start to go golden brown.
  • Once golden brown take them out of the oven and allow the to rest and cool for 15 mins.

For the Jam

  • Place the frozen berries into a small pan and put the pan onto a medium to high heat.
  • Allow the berries to melt. Continuously mix them with a wooden spoon until the raspberries have fallen apart. Employ the help of a stick blender to blend the berries until semi smooth in constancy.
  • Let the berries reduce for 10 - 15 mins before taking them off the heat and adding gelatine.
  • Add a small dollop of jam to the base of each star before adding the star with the hole in it to the top. Use the jam to hold the two sides together.
  • These will keep in an air tight box for 2-3 days though if your house is anything like mine they won't make it that long!

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