Nutritional Therapy

Nutritional Therapy is a form of functional medicine, not a diet. It doesn't follow rules like keto, GI, paleo, 16:8 fasting, or any of "must-try" diets. No, it's far smarter than that as you'll see. The goal is to rebalance your body's systems to a happy, healthy state of homeostasis. It is a life-changing approach.

How Nutritional Therapy works

Nutritional Therapy is an all-natural and entirely bespoke approach to eating. It's deceptively complex for nutritionists to work out, yet beautifully simple for clients to follow! Here's what you can expect with me.

Free consultation call

During your free consultation, you really can ask me anything as we need to make sure we're the right fit. Usually, within an hour, we cover everything on your mind and I leave you to come back to me with start dates.


After you have filled in your detailed questionnaire, we chat through your concerns and symptoms. I explain absolutely everything to you in the simplest way, so that you understand what's our goals are, and what to expect.

Programme creation

Your personalised programme includes changes to your eating and lifestyle that you can get straight into. Occasionally diagnostic tests and supplements are required, but generally, we focus on eating wholesome, seasonal and vitamin-packed food that taste delicious!

Developing your programme

One to one nutritional coaching is a deep dive into what health means to you, personally. Once we have your plan, our coaching sessions will educate you and keep you on track and upbeat. In just days, you'll feel energised, and by month three you'll feel better than you have done for years!

Explore Nutritional Therapy in my no jargon, colourful free guide

Explore Nutritional Therapy in my no jargon, colourful free guide.

Nutritional Therapy


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Real stories. Real transformation.

‘I was very impressed with Alisons knowledge, her warmth and understanding of my needs and goals made me feel at easy when working with her. Her advice was sound and the results speak for themselves!’


‘My case was complicated and my constant traveling for work didn't make Alison's job easy, but she has taken me from extreme fatigue and near burn out to having more energy, clarity and zest for life than I honestly thought possible. Her advise in simple, she is patient and she coaches you though everything ’

- RS

‘Working with Alison changed my life, I can say that whole heartedly and honestly. I came to her a complete mess both mentally and physically, she helped me turn myself around, finally someone was in my corner looking for the root cause rather than treating the symptoms’

- JW

Getting Going

A 9-week bespoke programme covering the essentials of Nutritional Therapy

  • Three one-hour video calls scheduled over nine weeks.

  • Recipe ideas included in three unique health optimisation plans.

  • Recommendations of any vitamin and mineral supplements you may need.

  • If relevant, a suggested list of tests you might need, along with an interpretation of the results.

  • Recipes and health advice, sent as a newsletter.

  • Limited email support between sessions.


It's possible to split your payments, investing in your health just got easier

£100 per follow up session if required

The Real Deal

Included in your 12-week Nutritional Therapy health coaching program

  • Complete blood test to reveal your unique vitamin and mineral deficiencies from 100+ metabolites, costing just over £600 and taken in private health clinics.

  • Analysis and an interpretation of the test findings, along with any recommended supplements.

  • Four unique optimisation nutritional plans.

  • Bespoke, weekly meal plans with an easy follow shopping guide.

  • Your guide to eat healthily when eating out.

  • Unlimited email support between coaching sessions.

  • One to one coaching calls every ten days, via mobile or video call.


It's possible to split your payments, investing in your health just got easier

£500 per month if ongoing sessions are required.

You may be wondering ...

In short, yes you will be rediscovering your kitchen. Don’t worry though it’s not as scary as you think. Whole foods are literally the key to life. So if your current way of eating is take-aways, oven-ready meals, eating out in restaurants and cafes and pre-packaged treats then yes, you will be getting to know your kitchen a little better.

Truth is that once you understand food and how it affects you, you’re going to love getting involved in the cooking process. That and I’ll make sure that you have plenty of easy to follow recipes that are so tasty you’ll never look back. Oh and you're not banned from eating out!

Absolutely. As a nutritional therapist I look at your whole body, medical history and the story of how you got to this point in your life. I take into account all your allergies and intolerances and work with you so that your plan works for you.

As a mum Nothing makes me happier than the whole family getting involved. They can certainly enjoy the healthy whole food recipes. That said you need to remember that your plan has been created to address your unique biochemistry and medical history. So if someone else in your family needs more 1-1 guidance it’s best that they book a separate appointment. It is my humble opinion that a nutrient dense healthy eating is one of the greatest gifts you can pass on to your children.

Yes I can, however I will never recommend that you come off any of your medications with-out your GP or Dr. being made aware of the fact that we are working together. It’s important that they are kept in the loop and that should you get to the point where you no longer need your medications they sign you off.

Yes. That’s the wonderful thing about Nutritional Therapy, it gets to the crux of the problem. I don’t do quick fixes, I work it out. I look at the reasons why you’re getting the pain, bloating and all your other symptoms in the first place. They may be triggered by diet, they may be an allergy, possible toxic over-load of a environmental chemical or structural issues, it could be something else entirely. I then work with you to get you back on track. Looking at the bigger picture is the key to recovery.

Don’t worry about that, I’ll taylor everything so that it works for you.

With every lifestyle change there is a steep learning curve at the start, but you’ll quickly get to grips with it and once you find the supermarkets, farm shops or market stalls that best suit your new lifestyle and budget you will soon find that it works out cheaper than your current habits, especially if you eat out a lot now.

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