Metabolic balance®

Metabolic balance® Developed with Science. Delivered by Nature Metabolic balance® is an adaptive, all-natural system of nutritional therapy that restores hormonal balance to burnt-out bodies and stressed internal systems.

How metabolic balance® works

Delivered over a three month, one-to-one coaching programme, metabolic balance® is not a diet. It is an entirely personalised, all-natural nutritional programme based on your unique bio- chemistry. Because no foods are banned, or the same recipes are given to everyone, it's not technically a 'diet'. Here's what to expect ...


We begin with 2 days of gentle cleansing to prepare your body for what's called the strict adjustment phase. Don't worry, it's not as scary as it sounds.

Strict Conversion

In this phase, you spend between 14 and 21 days eating from selected wholesome foods to balance your hormones and enzymes. That's why it's called a conversion. There's no exercise for the first two phases as we need your body to calm down and focus only on its metabolic work.

Relaxed Conversion

With the preparatory phases complete, it's time to relax a little. You stay in what's called a relaxed conversion phase until you get to your ideal weight, and your all important biomarkers return to normal. Here, exercise is re-introduced along with some non-limiting foods, or treats as we say


This is where we drop the 'diet mentality' - for want of a better term - and think new healthy lifestyle. You've done great work to get here. This is where the only things to remember are 8 handy guidelines that will help you stay on track. Here we play with new recipes and experiment with your new way of eating, until you find your flow.

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Metabolic balance


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Real people. Real transformation.

'Effective and dedicated to the people who ask for her help. Alison works you through the program step by step and is always there to check on you and to motivate you. You learn what and how much to eat. I reached my target weight, which I lowered twice, in 9 months. I will be always grateful to Alison for her help.'


'Working with Alison has been a truly life changing experience. Before meeting her, I was overweight, tired and frustrated with my inability to lose weight. The structured nature of the metabolic balance was exactly what I needed to get my self in order. It wasn't easy and took a lot of commitment from my side, but in doing so I lost 31kg and completed a half Ironman. I recommend Alison to anyone, I have absolutely no doubt that this was worth the expense, I got a personalised service tailor made to my body that really changed my life.'

- Ivan Shelby

'I found Alison extremely useful and with her support and help have managed to lose and more importantly not put back on over 8 stone. I truly believe the help given by Alison has changed my life. I still have a healthy appetite but now I eat the right thing and have had hours of fun looking up recipes tailored to my healthy eating. Well done Alison from a grateful slim jim. I would recommend anyone who is serious about weight loss to contact her and make use of her expertise.'

- Bob morton

What’s included

  • Extensive, lab-based blood tests covering almost 50 data points
  • Diagnostic analysis of deficiencies in haematology, endocrinology and biochemistry.
  • A bespoke, personalised nutritional plan for 3 months
  • Weekly check-in coaching calls for the first month followed by bi-weekly coaching calls for the second two months. Arranged to suit your schedule

You may be wondering...

The program is based on the scientific fact that your body is naturally capable of producing all the hormones and enzymes that are needed to function. Your body requires "building material" which it gets from the food you eat. This is why your plan concentrates on the exact foods that possess the essential, vital nutrients that your body is crying out for.


Based on this in-depth scientific understanding, metabolic balance® develops your personalized nutrition plan to naturally balance your hormones, enzymes and your bio-chemistry. There is no artificial manipulation of your biochemistry no, shakes, no pills and no pre packaged specialized foods.

Technically yes you can. However it’s not something that I would advise you to do. You’re in the middle of creating a beautiful little person and that little person is currently affecting your hormones. With that in mind, hang on and wait for your little micircle to be in your arms, then we can talk metabolic balance®.


In the meantime, we can put a plan together that will help you get all the right nutrients into your bubba so that they have the best health that can achieve and you feel wonderful through your pregnancy.

First off Congratulations! Secondly while we can get you started on metabolic balance lets wait until you have finished breastfeeding your baby. This is simply because metabolic balance has been known to affect breast milk production.


We can work together from a Nutritional Therapy point of view for now and then switch you over to the metabolic balance program as soon as you are ready.

Absolutely. What is more, female hormones often become more stable during Metabolic Balance® and can lead to an improvement premenstrual and menopausal symptoms. Managing your menopause with the Metabolic Balance Plan will help rebalance your hormones, clear your skin and leave you feeling refreshed.

Yes, they can. However, I always ask that the whole family is involved in providing support to teenagers who want to participate. I always have a call with the teenager to make sure that they are aware of how the plan works and ensure that they absolutely want to do it.

If you’re on the pill I would always ask that you use alternative methods of contraception during the first phase of the plan after that you’ll be fine to simply use the pill.

Yes, they are. Blood tests help us discover which foods match your biochemistry and where you are lacking nutrients. From this level of insight so we gain the depth of understanding that transforms your life. The personalised plan is created for you - and you alone.

I can tailor the recipes for your workload and make sure days that are often late finishing have simple, quick to make recipes ready and waiting for you. Cooking is relaxing when you have a plan. Put the radio or a podcast on, chill as you chop. It may sound a million miles from where you are now, but trust me, I make things fun.


If you have a Nanny, housekeeper or partner who does most of the cooking then I’ll make sure they are fully briefed on your programme. That said, lack of knowledge got you where you are, so swotting up on the science behind metabolic balance® is part of getting you back on form. When you know better, you can do better.

If you currently buy ready-made meals, or eat out quite a lot, then you will save money following a metabolic balance® programme. Whole foods do not always need to be organic, and eating locally and seasonally can do just fine. Raw foods that need to be made from scratch often go a long way.


Supermarkets, your local high street and markets will work just fine for your new lifestyle. When you stick to a plan for the week and have a shopping list, it’s actually quite relaxing to do the cooking, because I’ve done the thinking for you. Depending on the recipes we chose for you, we can adjust menus to cater for your budget because there is no point in starting with something unachievable that might set you up to fail!

Honestly? No, it’s not. Some may disagree but as there are no supplements within the programme, you run a high risk of being deficient in essential amino acids, B vitamins and protein. However, nutritional therapy can work brilliantly, with blood tests being carried out before we begin. Whilst not a strict metabolic balance® programme, nutritional therapy can do so much more than other diets and eating plans, I suggest we talk and see what will suit you best.

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