Omega-3 and your brain

Let’s talk about how Omega-3 fatty acids affect your brain, that big lump of white matter floating around inside your skull. I introduced Omega-3 fatty acids in my last article, now I am going to focus on their effects on your brain Omega-3 fatty acids EPA and DHA are fundamental in allowing your brain to function normally, they are also critical in the development of your brain though out every stage of your life from fetial development to the elderly. In fact, multiple studies have shown that women who ingested fish oils or ate fish regularly throughout their pregnancy go

Vitamin D, it’s actually a hormone

Let’s talk about Vitamin D.  The first thing we need to clear up is that Vitamin D is not a vitamin in the typical sense of Vitamins.  It is in actual fact a steroid hormone, perhaps the most interesting thing about Vitamin D is that every single cell in the body has a vitamin D receptor.  Your body makes vitamin D from cholesterol, this happens when your skin is exposed to sunlight. While Vitamin D is found naturally in some foods such as wild Atlantic salmon and eggs, it’s worth noting that the majority of foods rich in vitamin D

Understanding Omega-3 and its effects on your body

What are Omega-3 Oils? Omega-3s are a specific polyunsaturated fatty acid-containing more than one double bond in their chemical structure. The 3 indicates where the first double bond sits structurally. While our bodies are capable of making saturated fatty acids we lack the enzyme which allows us to create a double bond in the right place effectively preventing us from creating the omega-3s ourselves. (1) ALA, EPA, ETA and DHA are the most common dietary omega-3s. Alpha-linolenic Acid (ALA): This is a plant-based omega-3 the best sources are found in leafy vegetables; flaxseed oil, chia seed oil and walnut oil.

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