Nutritional Therapist, metabolic balance® coach, foodie and Mum

Balance, rest and restore

No diets

No foods are banned and no impossible weight loss goals are set. We focus on what works for you individually.

No hacks

We get you well through lifestyle changes that are sustainable and balanced. We don’t go for hacks or extremes.

Just science

Unless it’s been lab-tested, it’s not scientific, and cannot be classed as functional medicine (so we ignore it).

Delicious food. Nutritious Fuel.

After 3 years of study at London's Institute of Optimum Nutrition, I qualified as a Registered Nutritional Therapist, and have since gained certification as a metabolic balance® coach.

I've lived and worked all over the world, from the Namibian coast to the Omani desert, via Dubai, Fiji and Greece. In my past life I was an adventurer and entrepreneur, so I got to see dozens of different cultures and ways of living. Ever the curious one, five years ago, I made it my mission to find out if there really is a secret to a happy, healthy life.

My questioning took me back to school and into nutrition, and I've never looked back since qualifying. I love sharing all I have learnt with clients - so forgive me for nerding sometimes! As you'll see if we work together, I am an eternal believer in the incredible power of food.

Everyone calls

me Ali

I’m down to earth when it comes to food. We need to eat, we need to get certain nutrients and we need to get them in a certain way or we hit major problems. We’ve got one shot at life and I’m continually staggered at just how much nutrition can transform the 90 years or so we’re alive.

But being healthy ‘the Ali way’ isn’t about rules and beating ourselves up when we break them. It’s creative, inclusive, and delicious. Recipes are easy to whizz up even when tired after work, and I will coach you from the side like the champion you are from the side.

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