Smoked Salmon on German Rye Bread

This morning’s going to be different you’re going to reach for something wonderfully tasty yet nutrient-dense and performance-enhancing, oh and something so simple you can put it together in under 3 mins!⁠

This morning I did just that, quick, simple, healthy and tasty a winner on all fronts. The best thing is that if you have already wolfed down your breakfast this little number makes a wonderful lunch too.⁠


1/2 an avo⁠
1 slice german rye bread⁠
5 baby vine tomatoes sliced⁠
100g Smoked Salmon⁠

If you’re counting your macros then this simple dish will deliver:⁠

29g Protein⁠
37g Carbs⁠
26g Fat⁠


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