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Chicken Chorizo Pasta

Are you training hard? This one just might help you fuel your muscles for the torture your about to push them through!

Pasta has always been a quick and easy dish to prepare, this one takes less than 15 mins from start to finish and thanks to the combination of macros will keep you full for quite a while. ⁠

It’s not often that I actually eat pasta, though I have found myself eating it a little more often than normal, partly because it’s quick and easy and partly because Zoey will chow it down at a rate of knots. Win-Win! ⁠

I use gluten-free pasta because gluten affects me in probably in the same way it affects most people which is one of the reasons I do my absolute best to stay clear of it.⁠

What you need:⁠

(Serves 1)⁠
50g Gluten Free Pasta⁠
100g Chicken Breast (free-range organic were possible)⁠
20g Chorizo⁠
1 small red onions sliced⁠
20g Pesto⁠
25g spinach leaves⁠

First things first, a small pot of water on the boil then add the pasta and allow to cook which you sort everything else out⁠

Onion and chicken into a nonstick pan on a medium heat continuously moved until they start to brown, at which point add the chorizo and allow to cook until the oils escape and the chorizo appears to have shrunk, will take 4-5mins. Add the spinach and allow to wilt slightly, then the pesto and finally the pasta, mix everything together and serve. ⁠

Enjoy! ⁠

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